WUSC Board Members

Board of Directors (2022-2023)
Title Name Email
President Meghann Hardesty [email protected]
Vice President Chris Suarez
[email protected]
Secretary open  open
TreasurerSheba Kapur [email protected]

Travel Registrar   
Recreation Registrar   
Travel Director Jeanine Villano[email protected]
Director of Coaching Emil Ramnarine [email protected]
Recreational  Director Natalia Schabus
[email protected] 
Youth Academy Director Dana Garner [email protected]
Travel Referee Assignor Rob Miller
[email protected]
Referee Coordinator Jeanine Villano [email protected]
Concession Coordinator openopen  
Fields Director LaValle Larrier[email protected]
Tournament Director Jeanine Villano  [email protected]  
Fundraising and Grants Coordinator Jayme Schultz [email protected]



WUSC is always looking for volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in our community.  If you interested in volunteering or serving on our board, please contact us at [email protected]